Session 4

In the Ospreys Now

“Where is Dexter?”, Yin asks after looking around.

Thane, Cael, and Yin are at the Hunter’s Den, visibly frustrated that Dexter did not show up on time.

Cael responds, “How am I supposed to know? I told him where to meet us and at what time.”

“Well maybe we can talk to the commander about the hunt and let her know that Dexter will be joining us.”

Thane then speaks up, “That might work but what was her name? Who are we supposed to ask for?”

The three all look at each other for a moment.

“Um, you don’t remember?” Yin says.

Cael perks up as he remembers. “Lorna! Commander Lorna! We should ask for her.”

The trio steps inside.

As they enter they see the receptionist at the desk. The group approaches and Yin speaks up.

“We’d like to speak to Commander Lorna. We were told to be here this morning to discuss joining the Ospreys.”

The receptionist looks up.

Yin says, “We have another joining us, as well.”

Cael then says, “Dexter is late but we can always be trusted to be on time.”

Yin looks at him, “Don’t make promises you can’t keep, now.”

Cael and Yin decide to send Thane to find Dexter at the library. Thane departs.

A woman comes out of a door from the back. “Commander’s not here right now. She should be here soon. Why don’t you go grab your friend?”

Cael turns to Yin, “I don’t like that library. It’s got floating books. It’s unsettling. Honestly, we should just wait outside for them to return. He won’t be of much help, anyways.”

Yin replies, “Who? Thane or Dexter.”


“Ha! Come on.” Yin says as he heads out of the Den. Cael reluctantly follows.

They make their way downtown, walking fast, as faces pass. Cael takes the lead and heads towards the library. As he approaches the building he gets a shiver and then enters, with Yin in tow.

Everything looks the same as it did last night, including Dexter sitting at the same desk and surrounded by books.

Cale approaches. “You’re late.”

Dexter snaps his attention away from the book and towards Cael. “Well…this is embarrassing.”

“Yeah, we met up where I said to go and you weren’t there so we decided to come get you.”

“Well,” Dexter slams his book shut, “To the Hunter’s Lodge!”

“Den.” Yin says.

“To the Hunter’s Lodge Den!” Dexter says as he stands up. The three head over to the Hunter’s Den.

There they see a 6 foot tall half-orc woman wearing an amalgam of animal skins; furs, leather, hide, and feathers. They all look like trophies of hers. Her skin is light green and she has dark brown hair. She also has an underbite.

“What brings you in?” She said to the group.

Cael speaks up, “We want to join the Ospreys. We were told to meet Commander Lorna here this morning.”

“All of you? Even him?” She motions to Dexter.

“Especially me!” Dexter replies with a smile on his face. A smile that he thinks is welcoming and friendly, but is actually off-putting.

“Well, I’m Commander Lorna. Evie, let me see the ledger!” She says as Evie comes from behind the counter with a giant leather-bound book. It is bound but has loose pages and notes all throughout.

She begins flipping through the pages. “Ah, we can offer you a tryout mission. If you can complete it you will officially be Ospreys.”

She looks them up and down. “Yeah, I think a D-ranked mission would suit you just fine. We have a rat problem posted by a local or we have a goblin problem posted by the Aegis.”

“Rats and goblins? Surely you have something more appropriate for us. I believe we are better than simple exterminators.” Dexter says, slightly insulted.

“Yeah, I think we can handle something more difficult than rodents.” Cael says.

“Oh yeah? More difficult? Ok, we have a mission here. Edouard, one of our own, was hired by the Magnificent Menagerie to head to the Kragkeep Mountains and capture a live griffon. However, he has not returned so we figure he is dead. If you’d like, you can head to the Kragkeep Mountains and finish the contract. Who knows, maybe you’ll find Edouard, or what’s left of him, while you’re up there.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Cael says, confidently.

Lorna hands Cael a pack containing a hunter’s trap and a net.

“This will net us a hefty reward.” Dexter says and then conjures up a rim shot.

The group, including Lorna and Evie, groan. Dexter smiles.

“Well, we’ll need a cage to carry the beast back in. Let’s check the blacksmiths.” Cael says.

The group heads to the blacksmith they shopped at the day before.

“Hello! What can I do for you?” the blacksmith asks as they enter.

“We’re looking for a cage.” Cael says.

“Ah yeah? I’ve got a few.”

“For a griffon!” Dexter exclaims.

“Oh, that’s a big cage. I don’t currently have any available.”

“Are there any blacksmiths in town that are better equipped and prepared?” Dexter asks.

The blacksmiths glances at Dexter, then turns to the others and says, “Send him out.”

Cael and Yin tell Dexter to wait outside.

“Fine,” Dexter says. “I’ll go find another blacksmith.”

Dexter exits the building and begins looking for another blacksmith.

Inside, the blacksmith tells Cael and Yin they can rent large cages like that from the stables.

“Just head towards the miner’s district called the Buried Sun and look for the ‘Bullseye Stable.’ It is right outside of the district.” The blacksmith tells them.

Meanwhile, Dexter has located another blacksmith. He enters the building.

The blacksmith is working on something but Dexter can’t tell what it is.

“Excuse me, sir! Dexter Drake!” Dexter says as he approaches and introduces himself.

“How can I help you?” the blacksmith replies.

“Well, I’m looking for a large cage. Big enough to hold a griffon. I asked another blacksmith but he had none and was very rude.”

“Ah, well I don’t have any available but I supposed I could make one if you give me a couple of days.”

“Excellent! I’ll discuss this with my friends and see what they decide. Good day.”

Dexter exits the building and heads back towards the first blacksmith. Here he finds Cael and Yin leaving that building.

“I found a blacksmith that will make us a cage large enough for a griffon. He just needs two days to complete it. I told him I’d ask you two.” Dexter says.

“Well the other blacksmith told us that we can actually rent one from the stables so we’re going to head towards the miner’s district.” Yin tells him.

“Ah, excellent. Then let’s head there.” Dexter says.

The group proceeds to the miner’s district. As they get close they realize they are entering the dark, lower run of the city.

Then they spot a wooden sign; a bull’s head with an arrow in one eye.

They step inside and see a dark, plain room. Towards the back the room opens up even more and is lit.

Behind the counter is a large, odd looking creature. It has the body of a man but the face of a rhino. He’s just standing there.

“Excuse me, do you speak common?” Dexter asks.

The rhino-man slowly blinks and Cael responds, “Dexter! You can’t just asks people that.”

Dexter lowers his head a bit, “Ah. Should I just go outiside, then?”

Yin then speaks up to the rhino-man, “We were sent here to rent a big, griffon-sized cage.”

“Ok.” the rhino-man says, monotonously.

“We also need a horse.”


“And a cart.”

“Ok…5 gold.”

Yin hands over the 5 gold

“Out front,” the large rhino-man says before disappearing to the back.

The group hear a few loud bangs and other noises as they head out front.

A few moments later the rhino meets them with a horse attached to a cart that is hauling a large metal cage.

“Thanks,” Yin says as he takes the reigns from the rhino-man. “Dexter, why don’t you actually hop up and ride for a bit? You look like you could use the rest.”

At this point Dexter is visibly exhausted. He has bags under his bloodshot eyes.

“That actually sounds great,” he says as he hops onto the horse.

The group then begin their exit of the city. The giant round wall surrounding the city has guards posted every 50 feet. The group approach the exit of the city walls and the guards wave them through. Ahead of them is a large road, approximately 60-70 feet wide surrounded by grassy lands. In the distance they can see the peaks of Kragkeep Mountains.

They head south down the road for about an hour of travel before the surroundings start to change. They are nearing the mountains and decide to head west towards them.

Cael and Yin begin to notice flying creatures above them. Dexter is too tired to see them and is just focused on staying awake and focused.

They behind seeing groupings of rocks that grow more and more dense as they near the mountains.

It’s beginning to get hard to maneuver the horse and cart through the terrain, now, as the rocks continue to grow even more dense. Dexter hops down from the horse and cart and they park it here.

Up ahead they see a path with a rocky outcropping surrounding it. Cael scans the area for any signs of Edouard or other life and spots a wagon wheel tracks.

The path opens up a bit and then is split by rocks. It forks left and right. Cael tells the group that the wheel markings lead right so the group decides to follow them. As they are following the path they notice another cart with a cage on top of it is about 100 feet ahead of them.

They approach the rear of the cart and Yin spots foot prints leading to and from the cart.

Cael sees a large mound at the front of the cart and begins to walk towards it.


Cael immediately jumps out of the way as a hunter’s trap snaps right where his foot was. He now notices that there is a dead bull at the front of the cart.

They hear somebody shout from out of sight, “What the fuck?!”

Up to the left, on top of the rocks, the silhouette of a man appears. “What are you doing?” He motions for the group to come up and around the rocks to his location.

Cael quickly resets the hunters trap and the group approach him.

He’s a human male with brown hair and light skinned. He has a squared jaw and stands about 6 feet tall.

“What the fuck are you doing out here?” the man asks.

“Are you Edouard?” Cael asks.

“Yes, I am. Now why are you out here interfering with my hunt?”

“Well, the Ospreys sent us to look for you. They figured you were dead and wanted to make sure the contract got fulfilled.”

“Fuck. It’s only been one day. They really have no faith.”

“Well now that we’ve found you it looks like we have a griffon to catch.”

“I’m alive and still have the contract so I’ll be catching the griffon.”

“We noticed your dead bull. How would you return with the griffon?”

“The bull was bait. What bait did you bring?”

Dexter speaks up, “Ourselves!”

Edouard looks at Dexter for a split second, confused, then turns back to Cael. “How about we have a race to see who catches the griffon, first? I’ll wager this dagger,” he then pulls out a small dagger, “against your bow.”

“Why would I want a dagger?”

“Because it can do this.” The dagger then ignites.

Cael takes a step back. “Why would you wager that against my bow? My bow isn’t magic.”

“Well, you seem awfully attached to it.”

“No deal.” Cael said.

Edouard slightly shakes his hand and the dagger goes out.

They then notice a few more flying creatures up above them, high in the sky. One of these, however, looks almost humanoid.

Edouard immediately runs and hides. Cael, Yin, and Dexter all follow him.

“That’s probably a harpy.” Edouard tells the group. “Now can y’all go the fuck away?”

Cael, insulted and agitated, aims his bow at the creature in the sky, maintains eye contact with Edouard, and releases an arrow. The arrow sails and strikes the creature. It lets out a loud shriek.

Edouard stares at Cael in disbelief. “You fucking idiot!”


  • Cael jumps backwards down the 15 foot cliff side, trying to stay out of view of the creature he just shot. He’s was hoping to lure the creature to Edouard.
  • Yin makes an attempt to jump down, as well. Unfortunately he hits his ankles on the rocks and falls 15 feet down. He hears a loud snap and lands prone. “Please let that be a branch, or something, and not my ankle.”
  • Dexter, seeing his friend plummet 15 feet, decides to safely climb down the cliff side and then duck against it.
  • Cael gives Yin his crossbow and bolts. He then moves back a bit.
  • Edouard jumps down to where the group is but follows Yin’s lead and falls. He quickly hops back up and sprints to his cart, sliding underneath it and hiding.
  • The creature in the sky shrieks as another appears.
    • Both creatures swoop down so they are flying about 20 feet above the ground. They are very obviously harpies.
  • Harpy 2 lets out a shriek.
  • Yin tries to hop back up the cliff side, using rocks as leverage, but his footing slips. Instead, he aims the crossbow and fires it at Harpy 1.
    • With an almost surgical like precision he is able to hit the harpy with the full force of the bolt.
  • Suddenly, a chimera flies into view and hovers about 20 feet in the air above Cael.
    • Cael shouts “Apa oy! Apa oy!” as the lion’s head roars and the dragon’s head unleashes a wave of fire-breath onto him.
  • Dexter’s eyes grow wide and his face turns pale. He immediately casts Mage Armor on himself and runs in the opposite direction.
  • Cael fails his first death saving throw. 1 fail, 0 successes.
  • Edouard sees Cael go down and jumps out from underneath the cart. He pulls out his dagger, lights it on fire, and throws it at the chimera.
    • The dagger ignites and sails right into the neck of the goat-head on the chimera. It then immediately reappears at Edouard’s side.
  • Harpy 1 begins singing.
    • Dexter is charmed by the beautiful song coming from the harpy. To him, it is the greatest thing to grace his ears.
    • Yin Cael, and Ed shake off the charm.
  • Harpy 2 flies down and attacks Yin.
    • She swipes with her claws, misses, then swings a small club. The club connects.
  • Yin uses his quarterstaff to attack Harpy 2.
    • He spins it around and cracks her in the ribs.
      • He then focuses his ki to deliver a flurry of blows.
      • The first strike misses but the second one connects, knocking the harpy prone.
  • The chimera turns to Edouard and flies towards him. It lands in front of him and roars, again, as it slashes with it’s claws.
    • The claws miss so the lion’s head lashes out with its fangs bared in an attempt to bite.
      • Everyone can see the fear in Edouard’s eyes as both attacks miss while he dodges.
  • Dexter is still charmed by Harpy 1’s song and begins to move closer to her, with a smile on his face and adulation in his eyes.
    • As he stops moving his wits come back to him and he is able to shake off the affects. However, he has now put himself in harm’s way.
  • Cael succeeds a saving throw. 1 fail, 1 success.
  • Edouard shouts, “Get your friend out of here you stupid sons of bitches!” He then attacks the chimera with a heavy hitting attack. This draws the chimera’s attention back to him.
    • Edouard then runs away from the chimera and back towards the cart.
    • He then dashes past the cart in an obvious attempt to get as far away as possible.
  • Harpy 2 stands up and attacks Yin.
    • Both claw attacks miss as Yin deflects them.
    • She swings her club but Yin is able to dodge this attack.
  • Harpy 1 attacks Dexter.
    • She lashes out with her claws and slices Dexter’s vest and chest.
      • Dexter shouts, “My vest!”
    • She swings her club but Dexter is able to dodge this attack.
  • Yin takes another shot at Harpy 2 with his quarterstaff, swinging with both hands.
    • He swings it and connects.
    • He then uses a quick unarmed strike to hit her again.
  • The chimera takes to the air and begins flying after Edouard.
    • Yin sees this opportunity and attacks with his staff as the chimera as it starts to fly away.
      • He connects but the chimera continues flying towards Ed.
    • The chimera lands near Edouard and attacks.
      • The chimera is unable to land any blows as Edouard continues running.
  • Dexter uses his Misty Step to teleport to Cael’s side and stabilize him with a healer’s kit.
    • “Stop doing this kind of stuff!” he says.
  • Edouard continues dashing until he is over the hill and out of site.
  • The chimera follows after Edouard.
  • Harpy 1 turns to Yin and attacks.
    • She slashes with both claws but Yin is able to deflect them with his quarterstaff.
    • She then swings her small club but Yin slaps it out of the way with an open palm.
  • Harpy 2 then attacks Yin.
    • Yin is again able to deflect both claw attacks.
    • Her club strikes Yin but it is a glancing blow and does no damage.
  • Yin then swings his quarter staff at Harpy 2.
    • He spins it over his head, winds it up, and swings it like a bat, crushing Harpy 2’s head and killing her.
    • Using the momentum he then takes an unarmed strike against Harpy 1, delivering a side kick to her torso.
  • Dexter shouts to Harpy 1, “You stupid son of a bitch! Look what you did to my vest!” and fires magic missiles out of his wand.
    • Purple darts emerge from the tip of the want, fly around the harpy, and then through her head, killing her.

Yin rushes over to Cael and pours a Potion of Healing down his throat.

Cael sits up and asks, “What happened?” As the words leave his mouth, so does a small puff of smoke. His hair is singed and his skin is burned but he is alive.

They hear another roar in the distance, and then the same “Fwoosh!” from before. It sounds like the chimera unleashed another fire-breath.

“We have to try and help Edouard. He lured the beast away but we can’t just let him die.” Dexter says.

The group decide to run in the direction they saw Edouard and the chimera go. As they are moving along the path they see the chimera in the distance. It is attacking a small hole in the rocks.

“We should attack all at once.” Cael says, clearly out for revenge.

“Let me try and sneak up on it. If I get its attention or it turns around go ahead and unleash on it.” Yin tells Dex and Cael.

Cael and Dex both nod their heads and ready an attack.

The chimera is focused on the hole it is attacking so Yin is able to sneak right up on it.

Yin holds his hand up and counts to three. On three, all three of them unleash an attack.

Dexter summons a barrage of magic missiles.

Cael fires a grasping arrow.

Yin swings his quarterstaff.

The grasping arrow strikes the chimera in the back as barbed vines begin emerging and wrapping the chimera up, doing damage each time it moves.

Dexter’s magic missiles fire and connect simultaneously as Yin’s quarterstaff smashes into the chimera’s side.

After this onslaught of attacks, the chimera looks pretty rough.


  • Yin swings his quarterstaff, again, but misses.
    • He uses his ki to safely disengage from the chimera and back away.
  • Cael fires another arrow into the chimera’s haunch.
    • The goat head bleets. “Baaaaaaaaaaah!”
  • Dexter waves his wand and conjures another barrage of magic missiles
    • Each of the three darts strikes a different head.
  • The chimera roars, looks at Yin, and it begins to fly.
    • The razor sharp vines from the grasping arrow rend at its flesh dealing damage as it flies 100 feet into the air.
  • Yin, remembering how handy he was with the crossbow while fighting the harpies, takes aim with it and fires.
    • Unfortunately, he was overconfident and the shot misses.
  • Cael takes aim and fires an arrow.
    • The arrow strikes the chimera right where all three heads converge. It pierces the throat and blood sprays. The chimera flaps its wings a couple of times and then plummets to the ground.

The trio rush to the hole in the rocks and Yin peaks inside.

Inside, Yin sees Edouard, scorched and burned. Most of the inside of the rocky hole is burned.

“Edouard is in there but I can’t help him. He looks unconscious.” Yin tells the group.

Dexter, now knowing Edouard was at least alive, turns his attention to the chimera. He’s fascinated by the beast and runs over to its body. Unfortunately, most of it was damaged in the 100+ foot fall to the ground. He is, however, able to harvest the horn from the goat’s head.

A cough is heard from inside the hole as Edouard slowly climbs out. He has definitely seen better days.

He looks right at Cael. Both men are burned, with scorched clothes and singed hair.

Edouard mumbles a quiet incantation to himself, looks at Cael, and says, “You son of a bitch.”

A small mage hand appears and attempts to slap Cael, but he backs out of the way.

Edouard, frustrated, says, “You know what? Fuck this mission and fuck the Ospreys. I’m done. I’m just going back to town.”

“We’ll relay your message, Edouard!” Dexter tells him as he begins walking back towards the main path and disappears.

The three group members decide to try and take a small rest after that horrific fight. Cael is reading, Dexter is trying to fix his vest, and Yin is practicing his Tai-Ki. All of a sudden, bats begin to pour out of the cave entrance and swarm them.

The bats all make attempts to bite the unsuspecting victims but are unable to actually make any contact.


  • Dexter conjures a bubble of acid with Acid Splash.
    • He conjures the bubble, which bursts over the bats over himself and Yin (Swarm 1 and Swarm 2), dealing damage as the acid poured over them.
  • Yin begins swinging his quarterstaff, with both hands.
    • He swings at Swarm 2, who open up and fly around his staff, causing him to miss.
    • Seeing this, he focuses and makes an unarmed strike, connecting with some bats and doing damage.
  • Cael pulls out his rapier and begins swinging at the swarm that is circling around his head (Swarm 3).
    • The bats, again, open up around the rapier and he misses.
  • The bats then all begin attacking back.
    • Dexter and Yin are able to avoid the bites.
    • Cael starts taking damage as the bats begin chomping onto him.
  • Dexter conjures another bubble of acid with Acid Splash, targeting Swarm 1 and 2 again.
    • The bubble bursts as acid pours over both swarms.
      • Bats begin dropping as the swarms dwindle in size.
  • Yin spins his quarterstaff and swings it with both hands at Swarm 2.
    • He lines up Swarm 2 and takes a baseball swing.
      • His staff connects with multiple bats as it moves through the swarm. The remaining bats in this group all fly away.
    • He then spins his leg and performs an unarmed strike on Swarm 1, sweeping through and connecting with a few.
  • Cael starts stabbing his rapier into the group, shishkabobbing bats with each thrust.
  • The bats then bite Dexter and Cael as they are circling around their body.
  • Dexter holds out his hands and uses Shocking Grasp on Swarm 1.
    • He is unable to actually grab any of the bats as they continue to fly around his electrified hands.
  • Yin uses a two handed quarterstaff attack on Swarm 1.
    • He swings at the bats behind Dexter’s head, knocking them out as he connects.
      • Dexter sees Swarm 1 fly away but did not see Yin attack so he thinks they are afraid of the lightning coming from his hands. He begins to laugh. “Hahahahahaha!”
  • The only remaining bats are still flying around Cael and bite him again.
    • Cael, just coming out of the chimera fight, is feeling the pain, now.
  • Yin swings at the swarm but misses, twice.
    • Each time Yin swings his staff and fists, the bats open and close around them.
  • Cael Fey Steps out of the bats and fires an arrow into the swarm.
    • The arrow flies into the group, connecting with quite a few. When it exits the cloud of bats, there are multiple bats impaled on the arrow shaft.
  • The remaining bats fly to Yin and begin biting him.
  • Dexter runs up to the bats and starts shocking them with his Shocking Grasp.
    • Bats begin falling from the swarm and the remaining ones finally flew away.

The group gathers themselves, again, and takes a short rest.

Dexter knows that bat wings are a required component in some spells so he begins harvesting some.

The group decides to go back and check on their horse and cart since they just left it behind before being attacked by the chimera.

Yin and Cael hear the flapping of wings.

“What exactly do griffons eat?” Yin asks.

Cael replies, “They probably eat horses. We may have brought the perfect bait.”

The wings get louder as a griffon screeches and swoops in from behind!


  • The griffon is hovering about 20 feet off of the ground so Dexter conjures Magic Missiles and attacks.
  • Yin fires his newly acquired crossbow.
    • The bolt connects right where the feathers begin to turn to fur.
  • The griffon lands and attacks Yin.
    • It snaps it’s beak at Yin, who is able to dodge out of they way.
    • It then slashes at him with its claws.
      • Yin is able to deflect these with his quarterstaff.
  • Cael pulls the net out of the pack that Lorna gave them and tosses it over the griffon.
    • It is now restrained under the net.
  • Dexter immediately conjures a bubble of acid to spray the griffon with.
    • The griffon feels the burn of the acid as it struggles in the net.
  • Yin tries to focus his next blow on a nonlethal pressure point.
    • He uses both hands to swing his quarterstaff and connects with the griffon.
  • The griffon breaks free from the net and lets out a loud screech.
  • Cael immediately pulls out a second net and throws it, but the net falls to the side.
    • Cael Fey Steps out of danger.
  • Dexter uses another Acid Splash on the griffon.
    • He waves his wand and conjures the bubble then sends it flying to the griffon. It pops and sprays the griffon with acid.
  • Yin tries again to knock the griffon out with his two a two handed quarterstaff strike.
    • He connects and the griffon buckles, but does not go down.
    • He then delivers a flurry of blow.
      • He strikes the griffon over the head and the griffon drops unconscious.

Cael gathers the net and the trio begin wrapping the griffon in it.

They slowly drag the griffon to their cart. It takes all three of them but they are eventually able to load the creature into the cage.

They breathe a sigh of relief and decide to return to the Hunter’s Den with their bounty in tow.

The return to Exander is peaceful and they are grateful for that. Cael is tending to his wounds, Dexter is fighting to stay awake, and Yin is just focused on getting back.

They approach the gates of Exander and get some strange looks from the guards. However, the guards let them through and they make their way to the second story of town and towards the Hunter’s Den.

They approach and Commander Lorna is standing outside. She see’s them coming with the cage and griffon and perks up. She actually looks quite surprised.

“Wow! You actually did it! Did you find any signs of Ed?” she asks them.

“We did. He was alive but we got attacked by a chimera.” Cael says.

“A chimera?!”

“Yeah,” Dexter chimed in. “But no worries! We defeated it.” He puffed his chest out a bit and smiled.

“You expect me to believe that you killed a chimera?”

“Here, I have this as proof.” Dexter pull’s out the goat horn he harvested from the chimera and shows it to her.

“Well, alright. That is no small feat.”

“Also, Edouard told us to tell you ‘Fuck the Ospreys.’” Dexter said.

Lorna looked a little confused, “Um, ok. Well we’ll make sure to get this griffon to the menagerie.”

A few more Ospreys begin unloading the griffon in the back, where it appears there are a few cages for just such an occasion.

“Now, since this was a tryout you will not receive a monetary reward.”

“Of course,” Yin mutters.

“But,” she continues, “I want you to have these.”

She hands Dexter, Yin, and Cael three clasps with the Osprey sigil on them.

“I also think you deserve this.” Lorna pulls out a bag with a smiling face on it.

“This is a bag of holding-”

“A bag of holding! Excellent! I’m pretty sure I read about these!” Dexter interrupts.

He takes the bag.

“Ok…well it can hold up to 500 pounds so use it well.” Lorna tells them.

“Didn’t you say there was a, um, shop around here for Ospreys?” Dexter asks.

“Yes, the commissary. Just head out and go to the small building. You’ll find it there.”

“Thanks,” Yin says.

The group departs.

They enter the small building and see a human male with a big, bushy mustache behind the counter. He’s wearing a fur vest and looks surprisingly clean.

“Hello,” he greets them. He notices their badges. “New members, are you?”

“Yep. We just completed our first mission!” Dexter said, proudly.

“Yeah, we were told we can use the commissary now.” Yin says.

“Aye, you can. What would you be looking for? Anything in particular?”

“Do you sell arrows?” Cael asks.

“Or bolts?” Yin adds.

“Of course we do. Here you can get a bundle of 20 arrows for 5 silver pieces. The same goes for the bolts.”

“I’ll go ahead and take 40 arrows,” Cael says. He hands the man 1 gold piece and the man gives him two bundles of 20 arrows.

“Yeah, I’ll take a bundle of bolts,” Yin says as he hands over 5 silver pieces. The man reaches below the counter and the pulls up a bundle of 20 crossbow bolts and hand them to him.

“Thank you both,” the clerk says with a smile.

“Do you have any scrolls, or books, by chance?” Dexter asks.

“We do. We have three right now. A scroll of Thunderwave, a scroll of Find Familiar, and a scroll of Blur.”

“And how much are they?”

“For Ospreys, these run 50 gold a piece.”

“Splendid! I’ll take the scroll of Find Familiar, please.”

“Sure thing.”

He hands the scroll over to Dexter who hands him 50 gold pieces.

“We got lucky when we received these. They were made by Ludek, a very prominent wizard in Exander. He’s a consultant for the monarchy!” The merchant tells him.

“Fascinating. And he just gave these to you?” Dexter responds.

“He donates from time to time to the Ospreys.”

“Well I’m grateful that he made this and donated it.”

Cael decides to head back to the Osprey’s main building while Yin decides to take the cart back to the Bull’s Eye.

Dexter is too fascinated by the scroll to notice either of them leaving. He begins studying it and looking it over.

He then looks up and notices that his two friends are gone. He puts the scroll into the bag of holding and runs back to the main building, where he assumes they went.

He enters and sees Cael talking to Evie.

“Now that we’re members are there any other contracts we can take on?” Cael asks her. “What about those rats or goblins?”

“Well, the rats have been taken care of but we still have the goblin problem. We also have this one that was just posted. It’s a C-Rank mission. There’s a thieves guild causing problems with a town near here. The River has been bothering them.”

Cael raises an eyebrow, “Thieves and a river?”

“No,” Evie says, “the thieves guild is called ‘The River’. The town is a day or two away but they could use our help.”

“Well, we have to remain in town for the coronation. How close is the goblin problem?”

“Not too far. They keep attacking people on Medallia High Road. You know, the large road that leads into town. It is getting worse as the coronation approaches.”

“Ah yeah, more people coming in means more people for the goblins to bother.” Dexter says.


“Well, we’ll take on that contract. What do we need to do?” Cael asks.

“Here,” she hands the contract page over to Cael.

The page is yellow in color with red ink. It has a sepia tone to it. It has a drawing depicting a few smaller goblins and one larger one.

As they are reading over the page Yin returns.

Cael and Dexter inform Yin about the contracts but decided the goblin would be best so they can still be in town when the coronation happens. He agrees.


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